Upgrade ASUS VG248QE with G-SYNC Kit

gsync-logo*** ARCHIVED — DISCONTINUED SINCE 2015 ***

Please see List of GSYNC Monitors for a more up-to-date list.

Good news:
The ASUS VG248QE monitor is G-SYNC upradeable!

Don’t know what G-SYNC is?
G-SYNC eliminates tearing, eliminates stutters and reduces input lag.
See GSYNC Preview Part One: Fluidity and Part Two: Input Lag.

DIY Upgrade Instructions:
1. You need an ASUS VG248QE monitor.
2. Purchase a G-SYNC DIY Upgrade Kit from NVIDIA.
3. Follow the Installation Guide (pdf) and the Video (YouTube) to install the upgrade.

NVIDIA says:
“For a limited time, we are making a G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit available. If you have an ASUS VG248QE monitor, you can purchase the kit and mod your monitor. Assuming you are proficient with moding, this solution might be right for you. The installation process should take approximately 30 minutes.”

If you prefer G-SYNC to be already included, see List of G-SYNC Monitors.
Several monitors with G-SYNC built-in, are coming before the end of 2014.