World’s First 1080p Embedded 120fps Video Game Recording

UPDATE 2021: For more recent information, see Ultra HFR FAQ
IMPORTANT: Below video is for “true 120Hz” gaming monitors, which can do PC games at 120fps at 120Hz. See Official 120Hz Monitor List.

EXCLUSIVE 2013: Hypermatrix of has successfully created full screen video game play recordings at 120 frames per second! Via forum collaboration between Blur Busters and, Battlefield 3 game play recordings in true HFR 120fps video!

World’s First 1080p 120fps Embedded Video Game Recording (2013):

After pressing play, click the Full Screen button!
If video does not play smoothly, right click to save the video, to play locally.

Prerequisites: 120Hz monitor or TV supporting 120Hz from PC with a fast GPU and a supported player (MPC-HC for 120fps on GeForce, VLC for 120fps on Radeon), or browser (Chrome, FF 23+ or IE10+) on Windows 7/8.

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Two another solutions for recording 1080p120:

1.Building a fast System with raid0 SSD’s and a video capture card that can record 120fps@FullHD. (costs for capture card = 1600$ )(
Nvidia’s FCAT-System for frame rate analyzing use the same capture card.

2. Slow down the gamespeed with cheatengine, play in slowmotion, recording with 60fps or 30fps and finally speed up the recorded video. Easy;)


High quality video worked great in MPC.

What program was used to capture this? I can capture at 120hz in FRAPS but only at half resolution.


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