First AMD FreeSync monitor now available: 4K 60Hz for $500

The first AMD FreeSync monitor is now available as the Iilyama ProLite 4K 60Hz display for only $500 USD (£325 UK, no VAT for North Americans).

Not altogether a shabby price for a 3840×2160 60Hz panel, but this one has motion-smoothing, stutter-eliminating, tearing-eliminating variable refresh rate technology (AMD FreeSync, an open competitor to NVIDIA GSYNC).

Currently, NVIDIA’s GSYNC technology has a huge head start and several models are available in 120Hz+ refresh rates, and is still recommended for the “Better Than 60Hz” experience for competitive gamers. However, the extra options for both red and green (AMD and NVIDIA) are good for consumers in year 2015!

UPDATE: TechReport is saying Iiyama is saying they may not provide a FreeSync upgrade to this monitor. More news will be updated when available.