G-SYNC 101: Closing FAQ

“Let me get this straight…”

“Closing FAQ” published Jan 25, 2019

G-SYNC 101 has been around long enough now to have accumulated some frequently asked follow-up questions from readers, both in the comments sections here and in the Blur Busters Forums.

To avoid further confusion or repeat questions, I have compiled a selection of them below for easier access. This section may change and grow as time goes by, so check back here regularly for updates before asking your question.

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Hello, after reading this article and enabling v-sync and g-sync, as well as limiting my fps in game to 237 in NVCP and then disabling v-sync in game it didnt seem to work. Im still getting stutters and screen tearing.


First of all, Thanks for these test!

I have tried your recommended settings for my PC:
Game : Overwatch

– Set up G-SYNC > Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible > Enable for full screen mode.
– Manage 3D settings > Vertical sync > On
– Limit FPS to 162 in both in-game setting and NVCP. (Monitor is Asus ROG PG27V 165hz)
-VSYNC Off (in-game)
-VSYNC ON (nvcp)
– Low latency mode = ON

But inside the overwatch game, I see my FPS counter with 3 dots (e.g 162…).
When I Turn ON the VSYNC in-game, the 3 dots are gone.

Are 3 dots a good sign?

Thank you in advance and thank you so much for your efforts!!



First of all thank u for detailed information.

Now i got a new 165hz gsync 2k res. monitor. With my1080ti, i dont think i can achive 165fps in many games. So i am gonna use the settings like below, is it ok?

(if in game fps limiter supported)
Gsync on + Vsync on (nvcp) + In game fps limit to 162fps with this setting should i use low latency mode on? or do i need LLM ? i am little bit confused.

(if no in game fps limiter supported)
Gsync on + Vsync on (nvcp) + RTSS fps limit global with that settings do i need LLM?

And from what i read i understand In game fps limitter > RTSS fps limitter > Nvidia Max frame rate setting. (Good to bad) am i right?


Hi. Unstable monitor frequency in games with freesync. Hi. In games like cs: go, dota 2, I observe a unstable monitor frequency (yellow top right). Connection monitor via DP (via HDMI g-sync does not work).
Monitor: Acer Nitro VG240YPbiip
GPU: GTX 1070
G-Sync+Vsync: on (in Nvidia control panel)

As you can see, the monitor frequency is unstable and drops to 90 hz
when I limit FPS to 141, the monitor frequency jumps a lot and I see jerks of the screen.
I tried to use full-screen mode, but with it the colors in the game go wrong to standard

Should the monitor frequency be so dynamic? Or is it a monitor marriage?



Hello! Please review the settings for low latency mode. Since the release of the new driver 451.48 low-latency ultra + V-Sync mode does not automatically limit the number of frames, as it was previously (for example, on a 144 Hz monitor, the limit was set to 138), and the question arises, if you enable G-Sync + V-Sync + low-latency ultra mode, how much does it cost to limit FPS now???