G-SYNC 101: Closing FAQ

“Let me get this straight…”

“Closing FAQ” published Jan 25, 2019

G-SYNC 101 has been around long enough now to have accumulated some frequently asked follow-up questions from readers, both in the comments sections here and in the Blur Busters Forums.

To avoid further confusion or repeat questions, I have compiled a selection of them below for easier access. This section may change and grow as time goes by, so check back here regularly for updates before asking your question.

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Hi thanks for the guide. Slightly specific question but 1) When using G-Sync+NVCP V-Sync, no reflex, no LLM and no FPS cap in any program my FPS is still capped at my monitors refresh rate (280hz, stable 280fps). Is this thanks to V-Sync by itself? And would this be causing higher input latency as opposed to using reflex etc?

2) Tangentially, in CS2 I see much higher frametime variance when using G-Sync+NVCP V-Sync+Reflex/or LLM Ultra and the FPS is capped by either of those options (~260fps, stable). Yet if I disable Reflex/ LLM Ultra, with no FPS cap in game – my fps will still remain capped (~280fps, stable) yet the frametime variance will disappear. If I then cap the FPS in game, or in any program (with Reflex/LLM still off) at 280fps myself, the variance returns. Do you know what might be going on here?

Sorry for the hyper-specific question, I’m mostly concerned if there is potentially added delay but again thank you for the guide.


Hello, im still confused on what is the “Most” Optimal setting for G-Sync
is it the following?

NVCP Settings:
G-Sync Enabled (Fullscreen Only)
Preferred refresh rate to Highest Available
Ultra Low Latency Enabled or (If Reflex is available use it On+Boost)
Frame Limiter enabled ( 138 FPS CAP)
V-Sync On

Ingame Settings:
Everything related to V-Sync is disabled
No FPS Cap

Few more questions
1: Would using RTSS be better than Nvidia’s Frame Limiter
2: Would Low Latency Mode be better on “On” instead of Ultra w/ the Frame Limiter Enabled
3: Why is V-Sync enabled through NVCP instead of the game?


what is the latency difference between “gsync on + nvcp vsync on + ingame limiter” and “gsync on + nvcp vsync on + reflex on or ultra”


Hey bro, thanks everything is smooth as intended . But quick question. What about Triple buffering? it says it helps when Vsync is also enabled. should i have this disabled or enabled ?


Hello friend
Did I follow the guidelines correctly?
Can you give me setting suggestions?
CPU: 7800X3D
GPU: RTX4070

LCD: PG259QNR (360Hz)
G-Sync: Enable
Low Latency Mode:On

Reflex: OFF
FPS limiter: 356