G-SYNC 101: Closing FAQ

“Let me get this straight…”

“Closing FAQ” published Jan 25, 2019

G-SYNC 101 has been around long enough now to have accumulated some frequently asked follow-up questions from readers, both in the comments sections here and in the Blur Busters Forums.

To avoid further confusion or repeat questions, I have compiled a selection of them below for easier access. This section may change and grow as time goes by, so check back here regularly for updates before asking your question.

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Good evening, I currently have an i7-8700k with a GTX 1080 TI.
My display is an MSI Optix MAG271cv freesync 144hz.
When I use G-Sync I have flickering black images, does this make sense?


Can someone help me how to setup correctly ” DOTA 2 G-SYNC Setting ” ?
i have monitor 240hz


Thanks for the guide, i don’t know much about how to get these settings to work. I reimaged my computer and now nothing works properly.


Hi jorimt,

Thank you for this wonderful guide.

I encountered a weird problem when trying to follow your optimal G-SYNC settings. In my Nvidia Control Panel, the Low Latency Mode doesn’t have the “On” option, only “Off” or “Ultra”.

I’m pretty sure the “On” option used to be there. I don’t know what caused it to disappear as I didn’t not change any settings. The only difference that I noticed is that there is a message displayed on top of the Settings in NVCP saying “Windows OS now manages selection of the graphics processor. Open Windows graphics settings.” and there is a drop down menu asking me to select Preferred graphics processor. It is the same situation for both Global Settings and Program Settings, the “On” option just disappeared. High-performance NVIDIA processor has been selected as the preferred graphics processor and both GSYNC and VSYNC is turned on in NVCP. I also tried the “Restored Defaults” function and it doesn’t help. It seems that there is nothing I can do to bring back the “On” option for the Low Latency Mode. Could you help?

Here is my system’s spec:
CPU: Intel i9-10900KF
GPU: GeForce RTX 3080
Monitor: AW3418DW 3440 X 1440 120Hz
Nvidia driver version: 461.40

Thanks again.



Thank you for the guide once again – I’ve been using and sharing this site for years.

I’m currently non-GPU and non-CPU bound with a 165hz monitor. When I use Reflex + Boost in COD Warzone I am getting a FPS cap at 158 (as expected as this is equivalent of setting Low Latency “Ultra” in NVCP).

Is there any advantage/disadvantage of keeping:
Reflex + Boost ON
Low Latency “On” + Power Management Prefer Maximum Performance + FPS Cap @ 162

(Both with G-Sync “On” and V-Sync “On”)

I know It’s a comical 4 FPS difference, but is there anything else valuable I can get using Reflex instead of Low Latency “On” in a non-GPU bound scenario?

Bonus questions if you have time:
If I’m never GPU-bound (luckily the case with a 3080 so far…) do I ever need Low Latency mode “On” if I’m always capping below refresh rate?
Would you ever recommend going above the refresh rate of the monitor + disabling sync technology + higher FPS cap?

Thanks again for your time!