New “Blur Busters Approved” Monitor Certification Program Announced at CES 2020 for Display Motion Blur Reduction Modes

Blur Busters Announces Certification Program at CES 2020 for Display Motion Blur Reduction Modes

Blur Busters, our name sake, was born because displays needed motion blur reduction modes such as LightBoost. For a decade, we have worked hard to improve slow LCDs. Older LCDs generated too much display motion blur, worse than even an old CRT. We are inventors of multiple display tests that many reviewers and youtubers use.

Just as AMD certifies FreeSync, and NVIDIA certifies G-SYNC, Blur Busters is now certifying motion blur reduction modes on gaming monitors, smartphones, televisions, virtual reaity, and other displays.

What is Blur Busters Approved?

Blur Busters Approved is a monitor certification program that is a seal of approval for quality of motion blur reduction. We use our custom in-house test equipment to tune and certify display motion blur reduction on gaming monitors.

Blur Busters Seal of Approval

  • Improved color quality of motion blur reduction
    Old strobe backlights such as LightBoost were poor color quality, and had large brightness loss.  A Blur Busters Approved monitor means better color quality during motion blur reduction.  IPS monitors containing motion blur reduction can contain nearly 100% sRGB color gamut!
  • Eliminate strobe crosstalk double-images
    Many low-quality strobe backlights generate too much strobe crosstalk, creating harsh looking motion. A Blur Busters Approved monitor means less strobe crosstalk.
  • Adjustable persistence with variable MPRT
    Reducing motion blur sometimes leads to large brightness loss. We understand two different pixel response benchmarks, GtG versus MPRT. A Blur Busters Approved monitor means adjustable trade-off between brightness versus motion clarity. In addition, flexible strobe level adjustments allows adjustable MPRT that can become better than 1ms MPRT.
  • Additional refresh rates with motion blur reduction
    More refresh rates are made available with motion blur reduction on a Blur Busters Approved monitor. Lower refresh rates can mean reduced strobe crosstalk, while high refresh rates can mean reduced input latency.
  • Firmware upgradeable
    Monitors are getting complex with more features. Worried about bugs? Firmware upgradeable means increased peace of mind! Manufacturers are required to permit end-user firmware upgrades in order to get the Blur Busters seal of approval.
  • Vastly improved motion blur reduction at lower Hz on a high Hz monitor
    Refresh rate headroom is very healthy for motion blur reduction. 120 Hz strobing on a 240 Hz monitor can be tuned to be vastly superior quality to 120 Hz strobing on a 144 Hz monitor. Even though users have a choice of higher-Hz motion blur reduction, people who prefer CRT will be pleased to know that a Blur Busters Approved monitor, strobed at a Hz well below maximum, can produce a motion experience superior to a CRT.

CES 2020 Launch Premiere with ViewSonic XG270

Blur Busters has partnered with ViewSonic to custom-tune PureXP to meet Blur Busters Approved criteria.

A recent Amazon review written written that the ViewSonic XG270 is superior to a Sony FW900 CRT. This stunning testimonial is a testament to the Blur Busters Approved initiative in greatly improving strobe backlight quality in gaming monitors.

The ViewSonic XG270 is fully user firmware upgradeable, with the upcoming firmware upgrade adding adjustable persistence feature (PureXP levels) for a much brighter picture with motion blur reduction.

More announcements are coming about additional details about the Blur Busters Approved programme.

Blur Busters Approved Monitors

Tuned & certified by Blur Busters to meet our brand new motion clarity standard.

Swipe Left
Display ModelSizeResolutionRefresh
Motion Blur
99% sRGB
1ms IPS
& FreeSync

Blur Busters Approved — Press Announcements & Mentions


For questions about Blur Busters Approved, please contact

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Any word on a VA PureXP+ monitor in the works, or are VA panels not an option for this? I would love to have a high contrast ratio low motion blur panel.


Please tune 1440p, 240hz monitor for me, which is perfect resolution for 120hz(with strobe)


^ This is what I want. 1440p @27″ looks really nice, but 1080p, not so much.


Hmm, did the XG270QG also get the seal of approval? I have one here and the motion is awesome but it also has two patches of BLB and bad contrast ratio. 🙁


Will those monitors support 60hz blur reduction? It would be very useful for retro gaming I have never been able to find a monitor or tv that can do blur reduction as good as a crt at original console refresh rates.


I’ve been waiting ages for something like this to appear and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it! Having a clear badge to indicate excellent strobing motion quality will make it so much easier to narrow down monitors that are even an option.

I imagine you can’t talk specifics, but are there other monitors currently going through the BlurBusters Certification process? I’d love to see you tackle the new 240Hz VA monitors hitting the market. 27/32” curved VA panels – while VA is notoriously difficult to get good motion out of, I imagine the 240Hz refresh rate should give enough headroom to get some solid 120Hz strobing!

Also hoping to see 60Hz single strobe show up at some point. With consoles still maxing out at 60FPS, it would be of great value. Playing with BFI on my LG B8 and Vizio P series is transformative for consoles. (Vizio P in particular is shockingly good once warmed up, almost as bright as flicker free and very few artifacts – but I know it could be even better if Mark took a crack at them!)