NanoSys Exhibiting New Color Ghosting Demo on TestUFO 2.0 Beta

CES 2024 Press Release

[Toronto / Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — January 10, 2024]

NanoSys, a company that develops and manufactures quantum dots for displays, is currently exhibiting TestUFO 2.0 at CES 2024.

TestUFO 2.0 is a new version of the display motion testing website developed by Blur Busters. TestUFO is widely used internally at many display companies, as well as hundreds of content creators to test many displays including gaming monitors. TestUFO is also used for display education, with various motion demos, and used by many end users to test the refresh rate of their displays.

NanoSys is currently using TestUFO Color Ghosting test to publicly exhibit the performance of quantum dots (QD) versus slower phosphors such as KSF. To amplify QD benefits for exhibit viewers, a new custom-designed motion test, the Color Ghosting Test, is designed to visually show motion performance differentials between different phosphors.

In regular viewing material on a screens, color distortions can be noticed in moving content, which can be hard to trace or measure scientifically. Conversely, this new custom configurable moving test pattern is designed to amplify the visibility of color tinting effects during moving images, making them clear to see and easy for users to interpret.

Modern LCD screens use LED backlights, that utilize different types of light emitting materials called phosphors. When these phosphors don’t react fast enough, it can lead to color distortions during fast-moving images. When backlight LEDs are modulated during backlight strobing or during local dimming, this can create a color-tinted motion blur (ghosting) behind moving images.

When this test is shown on a quantum dot display, there is no color tints in display motion blur, due to the fast performance of quantum dots. Conversely, when this test is shown on a display utilizing slower LED phosphors, there is color distortions in the motion blur behind moving objects on a display.

The public launch of TestUFO 2.0 is on Monday, January 15th, the week after CES 2024. Currently, TestUFO 2.0 HDR is now undergoing beta-testing at several vendors companies including NanoSys.

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