List of Best Ultrawide Monitors

Looking for a high-refresh-rate ultrawide monitor at 200Hz or 144Hz? This is a list of the highest refresh rates you can get in widescreen monitors today.

Alternatively, if you don’t need an ultrawide, check out our lists of all available monitors with G-SYNC and monitors with FreeSync, as well as our list of monitors with Motion Blur Reduction.

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Display ModelSizeResolutionRefresh
Motion Blur
Acer Predator Z301C30″ VA2560×1080200 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator Z3535″ VA2560×1080200 HzG-SYNCULMB
AOC AGON AG352QCX35″ VA2560×1080200 HzFreeSync
AOC C3583FQ35″ VA2560×1080160 HzFreeSync
Acer XZ350CU35″ VA2560×1080144 HzFreeSync
BenQ XR350135″ VA2560×1080144 Hz
LG 34UC79G34″ IPS2560×1080144 HzFreeSyncLG Blur Reduction
LG 34UC89G-B34″ IPS2560×1080144 HzG-SYNC
Samsung CHG9049″ VA3840×1080144 HzFreeSyncSamsung
Dell Alienware AW3418DW34″ IPS3440×1440120 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator Z35P35″ VA3440×1440120 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator X3434″ IPS3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
AOC AGON AG352UCG35″ VA3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
ASUS ROG PG348Q34″ IPS3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
HP OMEN X 3534″ VA3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
Microboard M340CLZ34″ VA3440×1440100 HzFreeSync
Samsung C34F79134″ VA3440×1440100 HzFreeSync
Acer Predator XR341CK34″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
Acer XR342CK34″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
LG 29UM68-P29″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UC9834″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UM6734″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UM68-P34″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 38UC99-W38″ IPS3840×160075 HzFreeSync
Dell U3415W34″ IPS3440×144060 Hz
LG 25UM58-P25″ IPS2560×108060 Hz
LG 29UC97C29″ IPS2560×108060 Hz
Samsung S34E790C34″ VA3440×144060 Hz