About This Site

Blur Busters covers Everything Better Than 60Hz™.

Blur Busters is part of Rejhon Technologies Inc. (www.rejtech.com), run by founder Mark Rejhon.

We covers high-refresh rate displays (120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz, and now 480Hz), variable refresh rate displays (G-SYNC and FreeSync), motion blur reduction including ULMB and LightBoost, scanning backlights, display overclocking, high frame rate (HFR), and any technologies that is better than a plain 60Hz refresh rate. Blur Busters was born in September 2012 from an inspiration from John Carmack of iD Software, and has now grown far beyond just a hobby, and into a business.

Led by founder Mark Rejhon, Blur Busters trail-blazed many firsts:

  • The world’s first site dedicated to eliminating motion blur on displays.
  • The world’s first 100% web-based motion test (www.testufo.com) for display testing.
  • The world’s first mainstream site to use a pursuit camera for display testing.
  • The world’s first website to test the input lag of G-SYNC in 2013.
  • The world’s first website to test a true 480 Hz monitor in 2017.

Some of the many things that Blur Busters covers:

  • Blur Busters made motion blur elimination (LightBoost, ULMB) popular
    Blur Busters is the website that made motion blur reduction feature spopular on high-end gaming monitors. Back in 2013, the LightBoost HOWTO became very popular as a method of eliminating LCD motion blur for video games. Now multiple monitor manufacturers build strobe backlights into their monitors.
  • Blur Busters created the TestUFO Motion Tests
    Blur Busters launched the UFO at www.testufo.com on July 15th, 2013. It is now the Internet’s most popular motion test website for testing displays and computer monitors.
  • Blur Busters develops new methods of measuring input lag
    We were the first website to measure the buttons-to-pixels latency (game control device to display response) via the use of a modified mouse and a high-speed camera.
  • Blur Busters creates innovative display testing techniques that other websites now use
    We invented an inexpensive pursuit camera technique for accurately photographing display motion quality, with a peer reviewed conference paper, and is now being used by multiple display reviewer websites.
  • Blur Busters tests displays using unusual techniques, including high speed cameras, oscilloscopes, pursuit cameras.
    Blur Busters has developed several innovative & inexpensive LCD measurement techniques utilizing high-speed video cameras, oscilloscopes, and pursuit camera techniques.  Examples include the high-speed video of LCD pixel transition speed limitation successfully being bypassed, oscilloscope measurements of LightBoost, and pursuit camera photographs of LCD artifacts.
  • Blur Busters covers advanced aspects of motion blur reduction, including strobe backlights, variable refresh rates, ultra high refresh rates, and other methods of improving motion clarity on displays.
    Blur Busters also covers the advancement of motion blur reduction technologies, on variable refresh rates such as GSYNC-101 tests, on the benefits of ultra high refresh rates, and help parties collaborate on papers about high refresh rate (credited on page 2 of NVIDIA paper),
  • Blur Busters pages have educated monitor manufacturers on how add Motion Blur Reduction features to their gaming monitors.
    This site also recorded Mark Rejhon’s progress on homebrew strobe backlight modifications for existing LCD computer monitors, to reduce motion blur, from the Arduino Scanning Backlight Project post made within threads on 120hz.netOverclock.netavsforum.com, and hardforum.com. He has extensive home theater industry experience, and gained the skills to build a high-end scanning backlight from simple, inexpensive components.
  • Blur Busters Business
    Originally an free hobby blog by Mark Rejhon, Blur Busters is a startup business that is part of Rejhon Technologies Inc. Blur Busters / Rejhon Technologies Inc. is also a member of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.
  • Blur Busters Services For Display Industry
    We provide services at services.blurbusters.com in addition to running a mainstream media website about displays. We work on contract with vendors and manufacturers, including pixel response, input lag, overdrive tuning, strobe tuning, testing, consulting, display test inventions, and display-related training services.

The Blur Busters Philosophy: Although we strive to eliminate motion blur, we do not necessarily hate motion blur in general. However, we believe displays should never create unavoidable extra motion blur upon human eyes. Motion blur should be 100% natural, as it is a natural behavior of the human brain. Thus, motion blur should be created naturally (or by artistic intent or user adjustment) without the display adding unwanted motion blur.

Our Brand & Trademarks: Every time you see our UFO mascot logo — you know it is a Blur Busters creation! Many display reviewers using our testing tools with our permission. “Everything Better Than 60 Hz”, “Blur Busters”, “Test UFO”, and our logos with the UFO mascot, are all also trademarks of Blur Busters / Rejhon Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.

Several Testing Tools Available To Display Testers At No Charge: Permission is granted to publish TestUFO Motion Tests photographs/results/statistics, for either your commercial and non-commercial use, provided you provide credit & link to BlurBusters.com or TestUFO.com. Additional consulting services are available for additional testing tools (e.g. New TestUFO tests, your custom logo for motion tests, and more). See TestUFO Making Of and TestUFO Permission.

Contact: You can also contact Mark Rejhon or email squad[at]blurbusters.com