The Blur Busters Squad strives to provide excellent blur elimination service to the public. People have asked how they can contribute to Blur Busters. You can contribute by:

Shopping on Amazon
If you are shopping online, feel free to Shop via this link; Amazon sends a commission to Blur Busters upon checkout.

Equipment Donations, Equipment Loans & Reviews
Certain equipment donations are accepted (e.g. 120 Hz computer monitor models not already at Blur Busters Labs, plus certain displays such as Sony FW900, Trimaster OLED, specialized monitors, etc).  Inquire within at [email protected].

Editorial Skills
If you understand a lot of the science behind motion blur reduction (refresh rates, strobing, interpolation) and have an understanding of how human vision works, contact the Blur Busters Squad at [email protected].

Thanks for supporting Blur Busters! More funding for the Blur Busters Labs means more Blur Busters focussed work, including new articles, research, equipment reviews, and more.