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For free technical support, join our thriving Blur Busters Discussion Forums.

Paid Services

For paid support or services, see Blur Busters Services.

Research / Blur Busters Laboratory

Blur Busters, TestUFO, and founder Mark Rejhon, is cited in more than two dozen peer reviewed papers. Some of our white papers are summarized as articles in the Research area of this website. We contribute to important research on Blur Busters related topics.

We’d be happy to help co-author or review your display research paper, contact Mark Rejhon at Blur Busters.

Free YouTube Video Vetting / Educational Paper Vetting

If you are a youtuber, researcher, student, blogger, or part of a team, contact Mark Rejhon at Blur Busters to preview your display-temporals related creation (motion, response, refresh rate, etc.) to avoid publishing with major errors.

There is no charge to cite TestUFO or Blur Busters in academic content or free public content as long as credit is given. We only require credit as a mention of “Mark Rejhon” as well as “Blur Busters” and/or “TestUFO”, depending on context and citation format you require.

Advertising / Blur Busters Media

If you are a 100% neutral ad banner network, contact Blur Busters Advertising with a pitch that demonstrates your knowledge of Blur Busters; Blur Busters does not accept sponsored articles or link exchanges.

Guest Writing / Careers

We seek novice and advanced guest writers who pay attention to news in high refresh rates, competitive gaming, display research topics or other advanced topics. While we do not accept “sponsored articles”, we hire people who understand high refresh rate science & physics!

Novice writing: We seek people who are competitive players / students / technology geeks to write about general gaming monitor announcements, new screen technologies such as OLED, and breaking news about high refresh rates. We pay a per-article fee for writing breaking news articles. 2 positions available for November 1st, 2022

Advanced writing: If you understand advanced Blur Busters topics (refresh rates, hardware, software, coding, science, latency, physics, and more). We pay generous freelancer fees for good guest writing on advanced topics.

Please apply with your writing portfolio or resume at Blur Busters Squad.
Indies only. No content farms.