Blur Busters Services

Blur Busters is a business that specializes in high end display hardware.

Our Mission: To accelerate the refresh rate race to retina refresh rates as the Perfect Motion Company for better motion quality on displays. To be innovators in eliminating unwanted display motion blur. 

We work with displays including monitors, televisions, mobiles, laptops, AR, VR, and other screens, including high refresh rates of 120Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz and beyond.

  • We run a mainstream media website about displays.
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  • We invent display tests that other media websites & display manufacturers use.
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  • We are cited in more than 20 different peer-reviewed research papers, including major researchers and scientists at display manufacturers.
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  • We custom-tune the motion blur reduction & overdrive of monitors at DVT and EVT prototype stages, for improved motion blur reduction, strobe backlights and black frame insertion modes.
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  • We work on contract with vendors and manufacturers, including pixel response, input lag, overdrive tuning, strobe tuning, testing, consulting, and training services.
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Have you seen this UFO online on a different display website?
That’s because they choose display tests that Blur Busters invented!