The ‘Massdrop Vast’, a 35″ 2ms VA 100Hz FreeSync ultrawide monitor

Massdrop.comΒ has an ongoing group buyΒ of an ultrawide 35″ FreeSync monitor, called theΒ Massdrop Vast.

This is an in-house branded monitor of Massdrop, a community-funded e-commerce website (a form of crowdfunding like Kickstarter, for power buys / group buys or products).

Massdrop Vast is a 35″ AUOptronics VA panel with a 2ms GtG rating, curved at 1800R, with a 2500:1 static contrast ratio, and has a FreeSync range of 49 to 100Hz. There are a still few days remaining in their power buy. As of October 2017, it is currently estimated to ship in January 2018.

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