ASUS Announces VG259QM, the 25-inch 1080p 280 Hz Gaming Monitor

We already announced the 27 inch version, the ASUS VG279QM. However, the 25 inch model, ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM monitor has been announced and packs a 280 Hz refresh rate with it.

The 1920×1080 resolution monitor also has a 1ms GtG response time, with support for a variable refresh rate. It is NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible ready and has support for ELMB SYNC, meaning you can enable the low-motion blur tech and adaptive-sync at the same time. The 24.5-inch IPS panel also has DisplayHDR400 support and brings with it, a bunch of ASUS tech such as Shadow Boost, Gameplus, Gamevisual and more.

The VG259QM has height, swivel, tilt and pivot support, with VESA-compatibility for wall mounting. There’s no word yet on pricing or release, but we believe it to be rather soon.


  • 24.5-inch IPS Display
  • 1920×1080 at 240 Hz (Overclockable to 280 Hz)
  • 1ms GtG Response Time
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible

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Extra 40hz is meh why bother. I will wait for true 480hz 1080p monitors. that gets us in the crt persistence ballpark without flicker.


I just wanted to say, for you and everyone else, they are 100% capable of 480hz RIGHT NOW. They are just lazy. We are in the worst time for technology growth due to profit whoring. What do I mean? The cost to make these monitors, is relatively cheap. Their profit margins are absolutely HUGE.

Take for instance, Asus VG278Q, Amazon price of 239 on sale from 279…. that monitor cost them about 50 bucks to make…. IF that, its probably less. And what is worse, their “strix” version is 327.99 on sale from 349…. ridiculous. OOOO a metal stand, add what, and extra 20 bucks if that to the cost to make it? Then if you are lucky enough to find “last generation” model to match that one, you can get them for almost half the price brand new…. I remember paying barely 120 bucks for my 1080p 144hz way back when, and now the prices are skyrocketing, but there isn’t anything “new” with the monitors. Same specs, same TN panel, same colors, same refresh rate, same response time…. its just SAD.

Asus even had the balls to show off a “360hz” monitor at CES earlier this year…. that should technically be a 480hz monitor. The panels can do it. The only thing holding back high refresh rate is “pushing boundaries” and “spending money on R&D”. Its the “brain board” that drives these monitors that hold the panel specs back, it has NOTHING to do with the panel itself, as the raw specs are generally much higher than what they are sold as.

Samsung, is the only one pushing boundaries. The G9 is a 5120x1440p 240hz 1ms HDR1000 monitor with 1000R curve. Insane specs. NO OTHER BRAND can even come CLOSE to those specs…. Then their G7, which is 2560x1440p, 240hz, 1ms, HDR600…. talk about cornering the market with the best spec monitors out there.

AOC had listed their 3440x1440p, 200hz, 2ms, HDR1000 monitor with 1800R curve and its just “meh” compared to the coming Samsung model…. The Samsung is not only WIDER at 32:9, but has 240hz and proper 1ms response time for gaming. Then as of like 8 hours ago I found an article where AOC has their 2560x1440p, 240hz, 0.5ms, HDR400 monitor coming. While the GTG seems nice at half a millisecond, its only HDR400…. retail about 860 bucks after conversion from the UK price tag. Its just not “up to par” in my opinion.

If we look at the cable standard, DP1.4 is capable of a lot more than monitors are pushing, A LOT MORE. Sure HDMI 2.0 sucks…. For example my current Samsung CHG70 27″, its 1440p 144hz and HDR600…. IF using HDMI 2.0, It cannot and will not do HDR AND 144hz at the same time. There isn’t enough cable bandwidth to do it, so you either get SDR and 144hz, or HDR and 120hz…. its just how things are. Yet with Display Port, I can do HDR and 144hz, and its butter smooth. NOT TO MENTION, that’s a drop in the bucket bandwidth wise, as Samsung is going to be rocking 5120x1440p, 240hz, with HDR1000. That is INSANE bandwidth. The pixel density of this monitor is 1 million pixels away from 4k…. very very close to being a 4k monitor in terms of pixels. (7,372,800 pixels on the Samsung Ultra Wide, standard 4k monitors are 8,294,400 pixels). Even THEN, when you realize you can run 240hz WITH HDR at almost 4k pixels on DP1.4, then technically DP1.4 can handle 4k at 240hz without HDR no sweat, but we don’t get it, not because its not possible, but because monitor brands will not push boundaries like Samsung.

And I get it, I sound like a Samsung salesmen, I am not, I am just super fucking hyped to buy this ultra wide for gaming.