BENQ XL2420TE: Best 120Hz & 144Hz monitor at the moment?

Several Blur Busters readers, forum posters, and customer reviews have consistently mentioned BENQ XL2420TE (and its UK sister, XL2420T Revision 2.0) have less eyestrain and better color quality than the ASUS VG248QE.

The BENQ XL2420TE has been confirmed by many to have:
– Wider brightness adjustment range from very dim to very bright;
– ZeroFlicker is more eye-friendly with PWM-free dimming; fewer headaches;
– Better default colors than the ASUS VG248QE.

XL2420TE also has LightBoost, which is excellent for eliminating motion blur.
For other monitor options, see list of 120Hz and 144Hz monitors.

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Isnt the eyestrain problem only affecting a minor subset of population just like ppl that cant watch 3D though?
I have the VG248QE (got it since it seems like the lowest input lag of all LCD on the market so far) and even staring at it for hours, even in the dark with low or high brightness i don’t feel any eyestrain. I was using a CRT Syncmaster DynamicFlat monitor til i upgraded to the Asus and I must say I’m really happy with it. The colors are great, price was really good, and i don’t notice any delay when playing twitch shooter or games like DDR/stepmania.
The only problem was weird backlight bleeding that evened out after constantly running screensaver for a week or two.


XL2420T Revision 1.0 vs XL2420T Revision 2.0,

same hardware, different firmwares?

Or use Revision 2.0 a newer panel?


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