BENQ XL2720Z: Another official motion blur-eliminating strobe backlight

The tsunami wave of low-persistence CRT-motion-quality LCD’s continues.

Hot on heels of G-SYNC official strobe mode, and EIZO’s Turbo240 official strobe mode, BENQ announces the XL2720Z (Z-suffix) with the Motion Blur Reduction feature, which Blur Busters confirms is another high-efficiency LightBoost-style strobe backlight, official and easily enabled in monitor menus.

EDIT: Blur Busters confirmed strobing directly from BENQ staff; BENQ is also sending a review unit to Blur Busters before the Holidays, for us to test as well.
EDIT: See new Blur Busters Strobe Utility to tweak BENQ Blur Reduction.

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Any updates on this bad boy? I think I’m all in on the strobing vs. G-Sync myself 🙂 Motion blur is the DEVIL!


Hi. My question is does it burden graphic card performance like lightboost making lower max fps in games.
Btw my opinion is they should make 16:10 and 4:3 for games/work, 16:9 is good only for cinema movies and monitor is not mainly for this.


Seems like this Benq model can 144hz strobed $$$


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