Combining strobing (ULMB/LightBoost) with variable refresh (GSYNC/FreeSync)

Combining strobing (ULMB/LightBoost) with variable refresh (GSYNC/FreeSync)

There is research by Mark Rejhon back in year 2013 about eliminating motion blur during variable refresh rates (aka LightBoost + GSYNC simultaneously).

NVIDIA has published a new patent on combining GSYNC and ULMB. An actual demo by NVIDIA occured at CES.

Also, the Dell S2716DG has a “bonus bug” that simultaneously enables ULMB and GSYNC. This unintended mode does flicker badly at low frame rates, but it reveals high-quality blur reduction during variable refresh rate operation, especially at higher frame rates.

Plus, Marc Repnow of Display Corner has made available a new strobing algorithm that could cheaply greatly reduce flicker at low frame rates.

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