Excellent article by NVIDIA VR scientist on RoadToVR

An excellent guest article on RoadToVR.com by Dr. Morgan McGuire, “How NVIDIA Research is Reinventing the Display Pipeline for the Future of VR” (Part 1 and Part 2) is posted.

It discusses what is necessary to To make VR look like a holodeck, pushing VR to human perception limits.

This image, originally from Jeff Searle’s blog in 2015, however, has been superseded by the realization that 240 Hz is not enough. There is a realization that “blurless sample-and-hold” or “strobeless ULMB” requires extremely high refresh rates (quadruple digits) – to achieve real life / Holodeck quality. This was also confirmed from our earlier 480Hz monitor testsΒ where could tell apart 240 Hz and 480 Hz.

The author, Morgan McGuire also agrees that 1000Hz+ is going to still be needed to punch past all possible diminishing points of returns:

Either way, the RoadToVR article is a fantastic read about how much work we need to get to “Holodeck” quality 3D graphics! Go check out Part 1 and Part 2.