First 240 Hz Laptop – HP OMEN 15 Cranks Out 240 Refreshes Per Second!

In a Hertz head-turner, HP announced plans to release the OMEN 15 — the first 240Hz screenΒ on a laptop computer in July 2019.

Having cake and eating it too, it also has a backlit keyboard with custom RGB backlit zones, it includes an NVIDIA next-gen graphics card, 11ax WiFi or Gigabit WiFi option, 1080p 240Hz with a 4ms pixel response time. The 4ms is

We know mobile CPUs can be more limiting. On the other hand, this is one heck of a powerful laptop:

This laptop with the ability to cool down more than 100 watts — has the real horsepower to push 240 frames per second in CS:GO. The game is able to run in excess of 300 frames per second on this laptop — making perfect use of 240Hz! Although an older game, CS:GO is still extremely popular.

In addition, the existence of mobile ultra-high-refresh rate screens also makes browser scrolling and window dragging much smootherΒ so there is a significant ergonomic benefit to ultra high refresh rates.

Especially since 240Hz has about one-quarter the LCD motion blur as 60Hz for many Windows operations, which is an excellent boon for motion blur haters even without yet starting a game. Not everyone is sensitive to motion blur, but it can be a significant source of eyestrain for some motion-blur-sensitive people.

We are excited to see 240Hz arriving in mobile devices along the journey to future higher-Hz displays.