IFA 2017: Philips 32″ 328P8K 8K Monitor with “HDR” Support

As an update to our initial post about the 8K display here, more details have been reveal by Philips on the monitor’s specifications at IFA 2017…

It is called the Philips 328P8K and is intended for professional use, featuring a 32″ IPS panel with a 7680×4320 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 100% Adobe RGB color space coverage. It also features HDR “support,” but with a peak brightness of 400 nits (standards such as Ultra HD Premium, for instance, specify a 1000 nits brightness target for HDR10 content on LCD displays), it will likely be an approximated HDR mode that accepts an HDR10 signal.

The 328P8K’s price point has yet to be announced, and it is expected to be available Q1 2018.