BREAKING: iPhone OLED will have low-persistence VR headset mode!

Many new exciting iPhone news in April 2017:

  1. Apple secret VR Project and VR patents
  2. Apple ordered 70 million OLEDs from Samsung
  3. Apple rumored 3D camera

Blur Busters analysis points to a low-persistence virtual reality headset mode coming to a future iPhone in the form of an optional rolling-scan (strobed) mode for iPhones. It would activate when running a VR application and used with an enhanced “Google Cardboard style” Apple VR headset.


OLED screens are also prone to display motion blur but is easily solved via a pulsed rolling-scan OLED mode. Rolling scan is currently done in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, to eliminate display-induced motion blur during head-turning in a virtual world.