New LG 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Has Motion Blur Reduction at 240 Hz

LG has massively improved their motion blur reduction abilities since their first implementation in their LG 24GM77 monitor.

LG’s brand new 240 Hz monitor, 27GK750F-B, reportedly has usable motion blur reduction during 240 Hz, according to Blur Busters Forums testing.

Some findings about the LG 240 Hz monitor:

  • The monitor has a much better strobe backlight than earlier LG monitors.
  • The monitor successfully works with an advanced-user hack called “Large Vertical Totals” (via ToastyX CRU), a method of reducing strobe crosstalk (double-image effects).
  • The monitor overclocked to 280 Hz (albiet was frameskipping at that refresh rate).
    This portends the interesting possibility of future overclockable 240 Hz monitors, if the manufacturers adds overclocking capability similar to what manufacturers did for 165 Hz monitors.

The new 240 Hz LG 27GK750F-B monitor is now available online.