Over 1000 watts of LED ribbons ordered!

Three different brands of LED ribbons have now been ordered from several suppliers.  The current working goal is to create a backlight that is 150 watts per square foot, with 10,000 lumens per square foot.   The brightest ribbon I’ve ordered is 22 lumens per LED, and 900 LED’s will be put in a 23″ computer monitor.  LED’s can also accept surge current for short time periods to provide over 50 lumens per LED.  For ultra short strobes, I can exceed 25,000 lumens per square foot.  This is enough strobe wattage to make LCD have less motion blur than CRT.

Total amount of all orders is 80 meters of LED ribbon (4,800 LED’s at 60 LED per meter, using brighter #5050 LED’s instead of dimmer #3528 LED’s), which is enough for at least three computer monitors.  Some are actually for R&D — including backlight diffusion tests, brightness tests, and overvoltage failure tests.

High wattage is necessary to more accurately emulate CRT scanning flicker using a scientifically proper sequential scanning backlight (FAQ) — see how ultra-brightly CRT phosphor shines for a short period in high-speed video of CRT scanning.  Less than 50% of existing scanning backlights have significantly noticeable blur elimination, and most scanning backlights dim the picture.  The BlurBusters scanning backlight design is scientifically targeted at the goal of maximum motion blur elimination, with minimal disadvantages.