Pimax 8k VR Headset Exceeds Its Kickstarter Goal in a Single Day

“The World’s First 8k VR Headset,” the Pimax headset exceeded it’s $200,000 goal its first day, and now sits at $875,080 with 1,396 backers, and still 42 days to go.

The headset sports impressive specifications, with a 3840×2160 resolution per eye, a 200-degree FOV, and the ability to virtually eliminate the usual “screen door effect” by upscaling lower resolution content:

Pimax 8k VR Headset Resolution Comparison

The display is reportedly a 90Hz “Custom Low Persistence Liquid” (CLPL). This may be a catchphrase for an LCD-type microdisplay with custom strobe-based Motion Blur Reduction.

For complete details on the headset, visit their Kickstarter page here.