Sony “Motionflow Impulse” reduces motion blur without interpolation

Several new Sony HDTV’s can eliminate motion blur using “Motionflow Impulse“, a CRT-style strobe backlight that does not use interpolation! This mode is very video-game friendly, and completely eliminates motion blur during 60 fps @ 60 Hz. Try this setting with consoles, computers, emulators, and sports!

Supported Sony HDTV’s: HX920 Series, HX923 Series, HX925 Series, HX929 Series, XBR-55HX950, XBR-65HX950, KDL-47W802A (Budget), KDL-55w802A (Budget), KDL-55W900A, W905A Series, XBR-55X900A (4K Ultra), XBR-65X900A (4K Ultra)

The good news is that it has excellent motion clarity (similiar to LightBoost), and it retains the Sony color quality, with better-than-plasma video game motion on an LCD. It flickers like a 60Hz CRT, and add a very small amount of input lag (but less than interpolation).

TIP: Make sure you turn OFF the ambient light sensor to obtain a brighter picture during Sony Motionflow Impulse! This will prevent the TV from dimming the picture.