Variable Refresh Rate: Should be a part of HDMI 3.0

Variable refresh rate technology (G-SYNC) has arrived for computers.  Apparently, such technology has spinoffs for fixed-refresh rate applications! HDMI needs to adopt this.

Reduced Latency of Fixed Refresh Rates: G-SYNC decouples frame delivery time from refresh length, and reduces scan-out time. Historically, 60Hz displays took at least 1/60sec to display frames. (High speed videos of top-to-bottom scan: CRT scanning, LCD scanning). Displaying a frame during 60Hz on a G-SYNC display takes only 1/144sec (the current maximum bandwidth). Each frame is displayed more instantaneously.

Future-Proof Variable Frame Rate Video: No fixed framerate limits. Imagine being able to play 24fps movies. HFR 48fps movies, television at a perfect 59.94Hz or 60.00Hz, perfect instant switch between 24fps, 30fps, 48fps, 60fps, with zero mode-switch flicker. Supporting future frame rates (e.g. 72fps) and unusual frame rates (e.g. silent films, 18fps).