240 Hz 1440p Monitor by Lenovo at CES 2019!

At CES 2019, Lenovo pushes further into bleeding edge gaming monitor setups with their brand newΒ Legion Y44w and Y27gq monitors.

A head turner is that one of the two is a 1440p monitor running at 240Hz

Here is a quick overview of the two monitors for easy reading:

Lenovo Legion Y44w — Ultrawide 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

  • Massive 43.4 inch ultrawide monitor
  • 3840×1200 panel with 32:10
  • HDR 400 Certified
  • 99% gamut of sRGB, BT.709, DCI-P3

Lenovo Legion Y27gq — 240 Hz 1440p Gaming Monitor

  • 240 Hertz at 2560×1440 resolution!
  • G-SYNC Certified
  • 0.5ms response time

Now, now, what a beauty of combining 1440p and 240Hz, plus useful sub-1ms pixel response!

Going faster than 1ms is still useful

At Blur Busters, we are big believers at shattering the 1ms GtG / 1ms MPRT barriers (We have an upcoming article why this sub-1ms still has human-visible improvements). GtG and MPRT are two totally different methods of measuring response time, and both are useful numbers for different reasons.

Although pixel response speed can be nebulous and can be exaggerated by many manufacturers, there is still a huge usefulness to keeping speeding up pixel response to reduce ghosting (at high-Hz), strobe crosstalk, and other factors.

As we reach 240Hz and 480Hz, even 1ms becomes a large fraction of a refresh cycle and GtG response problems become human-visible again when pixel response is a large percentage of a refresh cycle.