Article on Why Some OLED’s Have Motion Blur

OLED has been regarded as a Holy Grail for motion blur. Unfortunately, the portable Playstation Vita has lots of motion blurΒ during fast scrolling animations. This is due to sample-and-hold. The PS Vita OLED is bottlenecked by this issue. Some newer OLED’s eliminate motion blur, but not all do.Β Even instant pixel response (0 ms) can have lots of motion blur because of sample-and-hold. Frames continuously shines for a whole refresh. When tracking moving objects, your eyes are in different positions throughout a whole refresh; this causes the frame to be blurred across your retinas:

(Source: Microsoft Research)
Middle image represents flicker displays, including CRT and LightBoost.
Right image represents sample-and-hold displays, including most LCD and OLED.

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