Video Mentions LightBoost 2D Zero Motion Blur

NewEgg and ASUS are now both officially aware of the LightBoost tweak for eliminating motion blur on LCD displays.  LightBoost recently became a very popular feature driving sales of the VG248QE monitor.  It is mentioned beginning at 5:18 in this YouTube:

New customer reviews for ASUS VG248QE on both Amazon and NewEgg now mention the 2D motion blur eliminating feature of LightBoost more often than its original intended 3D Vision purpose.  Even googling “LightBoost” now returns more highly-ranked results in 2D motion blur elimination, than for 3D Vision!

nVidia needs to re-brand LightBoost as also being a marketing feature for 2D, and make it an officially easily-enabled feature; because it beginning to drive some sales of GeForce GTX 680’s and Titans in many forums threads.