AUO Teases 85 Inch, 8K 120 Hz HDR Television.

In news that should make anyone who hasn’t yet made the jump to 4K bow their heads in shame, AOU has announced a new curved 85-inch TV that not only offers 8K resolution, but a 120hz refresh rate!Β Quantum dots for wide colour gamut, 1200 nits peak luminance for good HDR10 reproduction, and an improved borderless panel.

We should probably assume that operating at 8K 120hz implies they’re using HDMI 2.1 inputs using 4:2:0 chroma subsampling with DSC compression. Hopefully these panels will have have Freesync 2 and DisplayHDR support too. Let’s hope it has low input lag for gamers. No news on price or affordability.

We shudder to think of rendering a game at that resolution, but VR headsets are starting to push those kinds of pixel counts so it’s good to start saving up pennies for those dual RTX 2080 Tis now.