Both 27″ 4k HDR G-SYNC Acer X27 & ASUS PG27UQ Monitors Likely Delayed to 2018

As an update to our original post here, it appears both the Acer Predator X27 and ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ (which feature 27″ 4k IPS panels with true HDR and G-SYNC support) will likely not see a release this year.

Sources at AOC (which also have their AG273UG HDR G-SYNC monitor, with near identical specs to the Acer and ASUS models, in the works) informed PCGamesN at gamescom 2017:

β€œAU Optronics, the panel maker, they don’t have it yet,” AOC’s Alfonso Clemente told me today. β€œIt’s going to begin production in December – the panel itself – and then you get Nvidia to properly adapt that technology, so don’t expect to have those monitors until Spring next year.”

So there you have it; not much can be done if the panels don’t yet exist for production.