Forget 8K, How About a 100-Inch, 16K S-UHD TV?!

Innolux has announced the development of a prototype 100-inch, 16K TV — that is, 15360 x 8640 pixels,  that’s sure to make home theater projector manufacturers uneasy in the big screen market.

If such a TV comes out in the next year or two at a reasonable price, some analysts have predicted it could hasten the collapse of the home projector market, as TVs deliver much better contrast, lumens, gamut, and allow day-time viewing.

Projectors struggle in such conditions, especially with regards to HDR performance, which requires approximately 13,000 lumens in order to deliver 1000 nits at 120-inches, which is a typical projector screen size. Any TV would completely trounce a projector at the same size, in terms of image quality, even if it were LCD-based. The future of displays are looking bright indeed! And extremely sharp too.