New 8K 120Hz OLED 13.3″ Demoed in Lab at SEL Japan

As we start to begin anticipating the first 120Hz and 144Hz gaming OLEDs — from the OLED gaming monitor collaboration between JOLED and the Burning Core eSports team — we hear new OLED news.

There is a new 8K 120Hz OLED, in a form factor of 13.3 inches from Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) Japan! It has an incredible 663 pixels per inch at 7680×4320 resolution, crammed in a 13.3″ laptop sized panel.

Currently, these are only laboratory prototypes, but an incredible 120Hz at an incredible 8K resolution, will require quite a powerful GPU. SEL is looking for partners to fabricate their IGZO based OLEDs, as SEL does not have their production line.

While this size is too small for a gaming monitor, this could be a great panel for a top-of-the-line gaming laptop even for 4K games upscaled. And this will help add more 120 Hz OLED options to the market.

OLED also has the possible advantage of vastly superior lagless motion blur reduction via rolling scan strobing, so hopefully some vendors adds a low-persistence operation mode to OLED gaming monitors.

Even 120Hz will not be the final refresh rate in humankind (See 1000Hz Journey for an article of high acclaim!) without adding a impulsed/strobed mode. OLED-based VR headsets use impulse-based motion blur reduction techniques, including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Motion blur can still affect OLEDs even at 120Hz, so motion blur reduction techniques are still needed.

It is exciting to finally see 120Hz OLEDs be very actively developed in multiple labs, with some (JOLED) looking potentially close to market.

Much thanks to a heads-up at AnandTech.