nVidia LightBoost 2 strobed backlight reduces motion blur

This excellent AnandTech articleΒ shows that nVidia is also developing LightBoost 2 to also reduce motion blur. LightBoost is essentially a strobed backlight for 3D monitors, which strobes while 3D shutter glasses are open, and then turns off while waiting for pixels to refresh between left eye/right eye. A great side effect of this is that this strobing also reduces motion blur, and LightBoost 2 further improves upon motion blur reduction with shorter and brighter strobes. It is not yet known at this time of writing, whether LightBoost 2 can be used in 2D mode (without shutter glasses) just for the motion blur reduction benefit.

LightBoost 2 does not reduce backlight strobes length nearly as much as my 3D monitor modification in progress. (My modification is a turbocharged equivalent capable of both scanning and full-strobe modes)

In related news, the ASUS VG248QE 24″ 144Hz computer monitor has just been announced, with 3D LightBoost 2 and only 1ms pixel persistence. In terms of motion blur reduction, this model is probably the best “out-of-the-box” solution, when it hits the stores!