Panasonic 2500 Hz Focused Field Drive in Plasma — A Similar Goal

Speaking of impulse-driven technologies, Panasonic Germany has several very interesting videos of various technologies of their high-end plasma (2500 Hz focussed field drive – FFD) and LCD displays (1600 Hz scanning backlight) – multiples of the European refresh rate of 50 Hz.  Although the Hz should be taken with a grain of salt, as actual measured motion blur reduction can fall short of the claims, the theory and science is still very real — compressing the impulses into a short time period.  It is very nicely explained in German by this Panasonic employee:

Some plasma displays such as Panasonic VT50 uses this. This plasma display focusses the subfield refreshes into a single 0.4 millisecond time period  (1/2500th of a second) — a very similiarly short time duration that the BlurBusters experimental ultrahigh-performing scanning backlight, is also targetting.