RTings.com adopts Mark Rejhon Invention: Pursuit Camera Blur Test

A website that tests HDTVs, RTings.com, has now adopted Mark Rejhon’s invention of temporal test patterns for pursuit camera testing of testing displays for motion blur.

Pursuit camera track on-screen motion while taking a photo. This allows accurate motion blur comparisons, similar to moving human eyes tracking on-screen motion.

Accurate pursuit photography used to be difficult to do cheaply until the temporal test pattern (TestUFO animation) invented by Chief Blur Buster Mark Rejhon. It is now easily achieved by hand-sliding a common camera on a common camera rail, while taking picture of on-screen panning motion. The temporal test pattern records the tracking error of a hand-driven tracking camera. You simply repeat hand-driven camera passes until the target tracking accuracy is achieved, thanks to super-easy error-margin verification (instructions) via temporal test pattern.

Pursuit camera photos are much more accurate than static photos of PixPerAn. Blur Busters has captured accurate photographs of motion blur and motion artifacts:
Photos: LCD Motion Artifacts 101
Photos: LCD Overdrive Artifacts
Photos: 60Hz vs 120Hz vs LightBoost

Pursuit cameras are also used by some scientific papers as well.
Rtings.com credits Blur Busters for the temporal test pattern technique.