Skyworth 4K HDTV 39E780U — China Import Only $600 — Very Overclockable

Check out this review by maarten12100 of the Skyworth 39E780U:

Originally Posted by maarten12100
The overclock results:
UHD 3840×2160 was 30Hz max now 38Hz (up to 40Hz by reducing the extra pixels/blanking in the stream but with minor artifacting)
WQHD 2560×1440 was not there now 82Hz
HD 1920×1080 was 60Hz max now 140Hz (I checked with RRMT Refresh Rate Multi Tool and it actually did it without dropping)
HD 1280×720 was 60Hz max now 254Hz (checked again with RRMT but it was too fast for my eyes then I took pictures and video)

The good: Only $600.
The bad: Difficult to order. Sold only in China.

Blur Busters Blog knew that 39″ 4K panel components were now available in China for only $425 in factory quantities.
Low-priced 4K is definitely coming, and many of these panels run at high refresh rates at lower resolutions!