Teardown: LightBoost Reverse Engineering for Scientific Use

Marc Repnow (StrobeMaster), a researcher who maintains http://display-corner.epfl.ch, did a BENQ XL2411T tear-down and a BENQ XL2420T tear-down. He discovered how to modify LightBoost electronics, for use for scientific tachistoscopic applications.  Apparently, XL2411T’s can be used as an inexpensive scientific tachistoscope, thanks to LightBoost!

For enthusiast gamers, the discovery of LightBoost trigger electronics also provide a means of hacking for a brighter LightBoost picture (bigger boost pulse), shorter strobe flashes (for clearer fast motion), and better color (via adding a wide-gamut edgelight).

Also see Electronics Hacking: Creating a Strobe Backlight and the Scanning Backlight FAQ.