Tests With 120fps Web Video In Real-Time!

Blur Busters browser tests have shown Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+ and FireFox 25+ can play 120fps video in real-time! This video is a true 120fps real-time video, not slow motion.  You must use a 120Hz monitor and a recent nVidia/ATI GPU to view this video at full frame rate.

Cameras capable of 120fps can be obtained for under $200, including Casio EX-FC200S. A better model is GoPro Hero 3, which can capture 120fps in high definition 1280x720p. Usually, 120fps is “slo-mo”, but can be sped-up to real-time playback on 120Hz monitors.
For instructions, see article 120fps Web Video In Real-Time on how to create such videos.

EDIT: For a 1080p embedded video at 120 frames per second, see the newer article.

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FRAPS reports 105-107 fps while playing the video in Chrome. There’s visible stutter every half a second or so, which I assume is caused by dropped frames. None of my hardware seems to be even close to being maxed out — whatever the problem is, it lies in software.


Hey, Mark. Things have come a long way since the first days of “HDTV Blur” Wikipedia page. Great job being the catalyst of change! I viewed your first 120Hz video from my Seiki 120Hz display I bought as a result of your most recent research. I haven’t gotten LightBoost 2d to work (not sure if it works yet) on my display, but just running at 120Hz on a 50″ LCD for $1000 is a huge step forwards from where things were back in 2007 when I first started researching into these artifacts. Things are completely different now and I believe much of that is a result of your intense focus in spreading the word around the internet about these technical issues.


Welcome to Blur Busters! 😀

I tested CRT 21″ monitor Samsung 1100P+, Intel Core [email protected] and GeForce GTX 480@stock-reference (320.49WHQL) to watch this video and I got no any micro-stutter at 1280×720@120Hz (normal 2D) 😀 running Aurora beta 24.0a2 (similar to Firefox) and Win 7 x64 SP1. 😀 But I got microstutter in lastest Google Chrome.


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