BenQ Announces 24″ 144Hz ZOWIE XL2411P eSports Monitor

A revision of the XL2411, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P includes the same 24″ 1920×1080 144Hz TN panel as the previous model, but now features a DisplayPort and “Color Vibrance” controls.

In using the same panel as the XL2411, the XL2411P should also be fully compatible with the Blur Busters Strobe Utility.

BenQ has yet to announce an exact release date or price point, but we’ll report here when they are made available. More details can be found on the official product page here.

UPDATE: BenQ has confirmed the release of the XL2411P for “late October / early November” in response to a user question on the official ZOWIE twitter account (credit goes to Blur Busters user kappakappaguys for the find).

BenQ Press Release:
In addition to the XL2411’s original design, the XL2411P is equipped with a Display Port connector and Color Vibrance.

The Display Port allows the XL2411P to be used with graphic cards without a DVI connection. Color Vibrance provides more precise color grading and also allows color tone to be easily adjusted to personal preference.

As with all ZOWIE e-Sports monitors, the XL2411P delivers smoothness and low input lag for fluid gameplay. You can also make adjustments easily to suit personal preference. However when it comes to e-Sports product selection, words do not tell the whole story. Experience the full XL lineup to pick the right one for yourself.

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