CES 2021 – MSI to Introduce Two New Gaming Monitors, NGR253R and 343CQR

With the new year started, there’s just one thing that many monitor-enthusiasts look forward to in the beginning of the year, and that’s CES. This year, CES 2021 will be hosted from 11 January to 14 January, and will be exclusively online due to the global pandemic.

That means that everyone who takes part will be able to get their eyes on the two new gaming monitors that MSI will be launching, according to KitGuru.

The monitors in question are the Oculux NGR253R and the MPG Artymis 343CQR. Both of them will be aimed at gamers, so players can expect the usual high refresh rates, lower response times, and either G-SYNC or FreeSync.

The MSI Oculux NXG253R is a 24.5-inch Rapid IPS panel running at 1920×1080. The monitor has a 360Hz refresh rate and features a 1ms GtG response time. It’s a G-SYNC Compatible monitor and comes with the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer too. The MSI MPG Artymis 343CQR on the other hand, is a 34-inch display at 3440×1440, and has a 1000R curvature. It’s got a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time that we know of.

Those interested in seeing these monitors in far more detail will be able to catch the MSI presentation at CES 20201 which is scheduled for 13 January.