High Speed Video Of OLED Refresh Cycles at 960fps

Regular Blur Busters readers have already read my article, Understanding Display Scanout Lag With High Speed Video which uses brand new 960fps smartphone cameras as a new display research tool.

However, until now, only LCD screens has been filmed with the brand new TestUFO Scanout Test.

First TestUFO High Speed Video of OLED Refresh Cycles

No longer, an OLED has now been filmed!  A follower on Twitter, Edward, posted this high speed video:

Compare To IPS LCD in Earlier TestUFO High Speed Video

Here is an earlier high speed video of an IPS LCD screen refreshing on a MacBook Pro:

You can tell that an OLED (~0.1ms GtG) is far better than IPS LCD (5ms GtG), in how quickly a refresh cycle is completed.

As a screen can’t refresh all pixels simultaneously, most screens refresh top-to-bottom. The pixel response limitations “lag behind” like a fade-wipe effect. The “GtG Fade Zone” is a thicker band for slower pixel response, and a thinner band for fast pixel response.

With the brand new TestUFO test designed for common 960fps smartphone cameras, it is fascinating to see how quickly the refreshing action is completed.  For other videos, see Understanding Display Scanout Lag With High Speed Video.

Display Manufacturers Should Also Use High Speed Video To Test Displays

For an explanation why, see this post in the “Area 51” display engineering forum of Blur Busters.