JOLED Developing High-End OLED Gaming Monitors

There is finally some good news for those of us who crave both good colours, stellar contrast, and gaming performance. JOLED, a Japanese manufacturer of OLED displays, has partnered with the Pro E-Sports team “Burning Core” to bring high speed, responsive OLED-based gaming displays to the market.

The model shown below appears to have a 21:9 aspect ratio, without any curve. Production will be based on a novel printing method and will focus on mid-sized gaming displays, presumably with high refresh rates (> 60hz) and possibly Freesync or G-Sync, though that has not been confirmed.

We will keep you up to date, as it’s currently difficult to find any OLEDs (aside from TVs) which have gamer-friendly specs such as low-persistence modes and higher refresh rates.

OLEDs offer the pinnacle of image quality due to their perfect black levels and low pixel transition times (<0.1ms), although they struggle to compete with LCDs in terms of peak lumens and overall colour volume, which matter for HDR reproduction.

Fast transition times do not always eliminate display motion blur — See our older article “Why Does Some OLEDs Have Motion Blur?“. It requires a low persistence mode (low MPRT) via blur reduction mode or ultra-high Hz.

OLED users also have reported some burn-in which could be a concern for long gaming sessions using static HUDs, but whether this is a common problem is up for debate. We believe with responsible use OLEDs can be great gamer displays and are excited to see them come to the PC and competitive games market.


UPDATE 2018-12-21: We have been informed by sources that the refresh rate of this OLED gaming monitor will be 144 Hz.