LG introduces Two New 34-inch Curved Ultra-Wide Monitors

In good news for fans of the cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, LG just added two fresh monitors to its gaming lineup, a couple 34-inch IPS models, theΒ 34GK950F-B (Freesync 2) capable of 144 Hz refresh rate at 3440 x 1440, and the 34GK950G-B (G-Sync) has a slightly lower 120 Hz max refresh rate.

The G-Sync 34GK950G-B offers a 4ms GtG response time, while the Freesync variant has a slightly higher 5ms, while both have 400 nits of peak brightness and achieve DisplayHDR 400 VESA certification, with a typical IPS contrast ratio ofΒ 1000:1 andΒ 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour space, which will look great when watching UHD Blu-Rays or Netflix HDR content.

Having more horizontal screen real-estate is convenient for general Windows desktop use, but even better is being able to watch CinemaScope movies without annoying black bars, and the extra field-of-view (FOV) for PC games certainly offers a competitive advantage.

When sitting right in front of a curved screen, you’re right in the middle of the action, plus there are no messy borders that block your view, unlike with multi-monitor configurations.

For those of you considering upgrading from your current 16:9 displays, this handy site is useful for comparing the image sizes offered by various 16:9 vs 21:9 monitors.

Its shows how a 34-inch diagonal,Β  3440 x 1440 21:9 monitor has the same height and PPI as a 27-inch, 16:9 1440p monitor, but with 33% more horizontal FOV and desktop real-estate.

Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) that bypasses any superfluous processing and keeps input lag to minimal levels, while black frame insertion modes reduce motion blur to 1ms.Β 

Rounding out the gamer-centric nature of these beasts, Crosshair offers, as expected, a hardware crosshair, and Black Stabilizer boosts low black detail so you’ll see those creepy crawlies in dark games like Doom. RGB LEDs offers lighting for those of you who need the utmost in bling.

Exact input lag figures aren’t available, nor prices yet, but availability is supposed to be “soon”. Stay tuned!