LG Launched the 34GP83A – The Curved UltraGear Running at 144Hz

Back in December, LG announced the Ultra range of monitors for gamers and professionals alike, with Blur Busters wanting to have a particularly strong focus on the gaming side of things. L

G has now launched the LG34GP83A, a new gaming monitor under the UltraGear range.

On LG’s official site, the 34GP83A is a 34-inch ultrawide screen at 3440×1440 on a Nano IPS panel. It comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GtG response time. It has AMD FreeSync Premium, is G-SYNC Compatible and is overclockable to 160Hz for those wanting to get that little bit extra.

For the time being, the monitor can only be preordered in the USA for a price of $999. We’re hoping that preorders open up soon for other countries!

LG 34GP83A

  • 34-inch Curved Nano IPS Display
  • 3440Γ—1440 at 144Hz
  • 1ms GtG Response Time
  • AMD FreeSync Premium