LG Releases Entry-Level 32″ IPS Monitor, 32QK500-W

Huge numbers of new FreeSync monitors are arriving these days, and LG’s newΒ 32QK500-W is no exception.

While the upperΒ VRR limit is only 75 Hz, it has a resolution of 2560 x 1440Β and a 10-bit-capable IPS panel at a resonable price, so it is sure to attract some attention from casual gamers who prioritize great movie-watching quality for their bedroom, while also having FreeSync for XBox One consoles.

Its 8ms GtG response time is fairly average, but the viewing angles and overall ergonomics are good compensation, especially for the price. 75 Hz max refresh rate is still a good 25% better than 60hz, and definitely noticeable, while setting the monitor to 72 Hz allows 3:3 pulldown to watch 24 fps movies smoothly without needing to change your desktop refresh rate constantly.

With PC monitors, it’s often difficult to know if their support for 1.07 billion colours is achieved via FRC (dithering) on an 8-bit panel, but it should still deliver smoother gradients than monitors which are limited to 8-bit. This is especially apparent in skies so viewing 10-bit content (even tone mapped HDR content) should look better than native 8-bit.

This monitor delivers sRGB gamut in standard dynamic range (SDR), as well as gamer-friendly features such as Crosshair, Black Stabilizer, and Dynamic Action Sync to reduce input lag.

It’s important to note here that FreeSync only works over its two HDMI inputs, but there is also a DisplayPort and mini-Displayport included, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.