Microsoft EDGE browser still stuck at 60Hz in W3C violation

>>> UPDATE 2019: The new version of Edge now fixes this.

Original 2017: Unfortunately, the Microsoft EDGE web browser still does not support at anything higher than 60Hz on over 100+ gaming monitors:

EDGE 15 from Windows 10 Creator’s Update still has not fixed this problem, even as gaming monitors begin to proliferate (FreeSync, GSYNC, 120/144/240Hz, etc) — there is now over a hundred models available when added together.

Specific members of Chromium & FireFox teams purchased 120Hz+ monitors and fixed their browsers years ago, as confirmed via their BugZilla tracking systems. This is a W3C standard “requestAnimationFrame”.

We wonder why Microsoft has not caught up yet on this W3C standard.

UPDATE: Mark Rejhon, with prior industry standards writing experience, has submitted a suggested modification to W3C HTML 5.2 DRAFT 8 based on industry feedback.

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At least on Windows I have the option to use Chrome and Firefox which work fine.

On my Linux install, NONE of the browsers work. They’re all limited to 60Hz. The official bug report for Chrome even said “we don’t have 120Hz monitors to develop on.”

Maybe we should start a charity for Google and raise some money. Then they can buy some monitors. It seems they can’t afford them 😉


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