MSI Tweets about New Optix MAG272CQR 165 Hz 1ms 2560×1440 Gaming Monitor

MSI’s Gaming division teased a new monitor on Twitter recently, stating that features including WQHD, 165 Hz, HDR and 1 ms response time are all elements that good gaming monitors should have.

The new MAG272CQR “meets all of these”, according to the post. The MSI Gaming Optix MAG272CQR seems to be a 27-inch monitor at 2560×1440, with all of the fancy features listed above.

We’re awaiting confirmation whether the response time is GtG or MPRT, and what type of panel the monitor is using. Also to be confirmed, is word on which DisplayHDR specification. however, any HDR range not specified is usually rated as DisplayHDR 400.

From the twitter, here’s the gallery of pictures:

If it’s anything like the MAG27CQ listed on the MSI site, it is probable that it is a standard 1800R VA panel, since the most common 27-inch curved panels are VA panels with a 1800R curve.

The similar MAG27CQ monitor was launched back in the first quarter of 2018 though, so there’s a chance that it may have been changed and updated. We’re awaiting an announcement of a shipping date for this monitor.