New Optoma 1080p 120Hz Gaming Projector Tested By

A French cinema site, has tested the Optoma HD29H gaming projector.

Priced at a very affordable several hundred dollars, they provide a massive wall sized picture at the same cost of a higher end desktop gaming monitor. The bonus is this gaming projector includes 120 Hz at full resolution!

DLP projectors capable of 120 Hz at their full resolutions, are of extremely great interest at Blur Busters, so we have been monitoring multiple projectors including the Optoma HD29H. has just recently reported 8.4ms of input latency:
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hese gamers will be happy to learn that thanks to a dedicated option called ”  Gaming enhanced”,the input lag is lowered from 33.4 ms to 16.4 ms in 1080p 60hz.

Gaming enhanced comparison enabled disabled OPTOMA HD29H

After having configured my Xbox One S on 1080p 120hz, it is then possible to reach 8.4 ms of lag input! The future Acer Nitro G550 should also offer this configuration and this level of lag.

Multiple manufacturers are working to bring these inexpensive 120 Hz 1080p projectors to market this year.

This is a boon for competitive gaming on a big screen, as well as support for 120fps HFR videos at full HD.

The Optoma HD27HDR, already available at stores, likely has the same input latency as this model.