RoadToVR: New Oculus Rift VR Headset at Game Developer’s Conference 2019

According to RoadToVR information, the new Oculus Rift “S” virtual reality headset, is coming to Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) during March 18-22, 2019!

Multiple inside sources, as well as evidence in the code of the new Oculus Store software, now references the “Rift S”

The original consumer Oculus Rift is now currently sold out at many online stores, which lends very strong credence to the rumors. Even the main Amazon store is sold out, with only third-party Amazon sellers offering the headset for inflated prices.

In addition, Oculus Quest is apparently planned to also launch at GDC, with Beat Saber as its launch title.

Keep tuned for the reveal!

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