Three New AOC FreeSync monitors launched: G90 Series

Today, monitor manufacturer AOC announced three new FreeSync compatible gaming monitors, with a frameless design.

  1. AOC G2590VXQ 25″ with FreeSync range 30Hz – 75Hz
  2. AOC G2590PX 25″ with FreeSync range 30Hz – 144Hz
  3. AOC G2790PX 27″ with FreeSync range 30Hz – 144Hz

The 25″ models are coming in January (75Hz) and February (144Hz) respectively, while the 27″ AOC G2790PX is currently hitting stores in the UK.

The current MSRPs in UK are £159, £249 and £309 respectively. No current word on when these will be available to the North American market.

All three monitors are 1080p TN panels and include the following features:

  • FreeSync, Low Input Lag Mode, Shadow Control;
  • Ergonomics: Flicker Free & Low Blue Light;
  • Bezel-free design, good for great surround gaming.